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What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?

Many clients want to explore their past lives in order to resolve issues or problems that

may be carried over from previous lifetimes, while others are simply curious. Through

exploring past lives, patterns can begin to emerge that can give you insights into current

issues or hidden abilities.

Past life regression is a gentle form of hypnotherapy. A hypnosis practitioner will guide

you into a deeply relaxed state where you will be able to access memories of previous

lives or incarnations hidden in your subconscious mind. You are in control at all times

and will remember everything.

The history of past life regression spans centuries. Past life regressions or PLR's are

fascinating for both the client and the therapist. The journey of going back in history can

take us anywhere. Imagine tossing a dart at a spinning globe. What country are you

in? What century? Who are you with?

Signs You May Have Experienced Reincarnation

  •  You have strong feelings of deja vu. Especially in particular locations or circumstances.

  •  You dream of yourself in different lives, in different roles.

  •  You often feel as if you were born in the wrong time.

  •  You have unexplained anxiety, fears, phobias, mood swings, depression, attachments, and so on. 

  •  You meet someone new and have the strangest feeling you have met before.

  •  You feel at times you are on the outside looking in; as if you are merely an observer of your own life; slightly disconnected.

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